The Life Balance™ collection is designed by scientific sleep experts at SERTA's Sleep Research Centre, Chicago, USA with the use of advanced technology and the most innovative and comfortable materials in order to give you an absolute comfort. This exclusive Latex Series uses only 100% natural latex from Latexco, Belgium that is free from allergens and fillers. Tested and certified by Eco-Institute, Germany to be free from toxins. The Fresssh! Guarantee upholstery materials give excellent body moisture absorption, and the new Airflow™ Technology provides active ventilation to ensure an ideal sleeping environment, so when you wake up you feel fresh and well-rested. The Life Balance™ collection provides superior support and outstanding pressure relief. The cover is perfected with a unique Contour Zipper™ design(patent no: A00201001765) to bring out the contemporary look of the collection.


Fresssh! Guarantee

You want to start your day fit and well rested. So it is important that you get a good night's sleep. The Life Balance™ collection goes to great length to ensure you sleep well, night after night.

Fresssh! Guarantee will keep your mattress hygienic so you can sleep in a clean and healthy environment.


5 zoning Natural Latex Core

The sense and feeling of comfort is subjective, however the definition of the comfortable sleep is when the natural shape of the human spinal column is retained. Your spine must rest in a natural, comfortable position and your body should be supported evenly. The Life Balance™ collection provides superior support and outstanding pressure relief for a deeper and more rejuvenated sleep


Airflow™ technology

Airflow™ Technology is specially designed to allow your mattress to "breath" When you fall asleep your body temperature drops and during this process you lose body moisture. A person loses an average of 350 cc moisture each night. All that moisture needs to be able to evaporate in a natural way. Active mattress ventilation will further improve the ventilation process. Airflow™ Technology will keep your body at an ideal constant temperature, providing you a deeper sleep.

The mattress upper premium upholstery materials will absorb the moisture while the open-structure Airflow™ materials in the mattress transports moisture out of the mattress, leaving it completely fresh and hygienic.

No mattress ventilates better


Imagine a bed that cuddles your body. Finding the right mattress is truly a dream come through. Not only does it gives you a good night's sleep, it also gives you peace and serenity your body needs to gain back its energy. In addtion, the extra firm comfort gives you the posture support your body needs. Indulge with your partner as you lie down with this plush velour fabric with anti-static properties to allow for deeper more undisturbed sleep.

Collection :   Life balance collection
Feel :   Extra Firm
Available Sizes :   Super King
King Size
Queen Size
Super Single
Mattress Thickness :   18cm
Comfort Layer :   Luxurious Verlour Upholstery, Fresssh! Guarantee, 18cm 5 zoning natural latex core, Airflow™ Technology, Contour Zipper™
Support Layer :   Edge Support
Foundation Layer :   Solid Curve Foundation
Dust-Mite Resistant :   Yes (Airflow™ Technology)
Luxurious Verlour Upholstery
The soft sensation of verlour fabric elevates your senses and cradles you to a perfect night sleep
Cotour ZipperTM
The Life Balance™ collection provides superior support and outstanding pressure relief. The cover is perfected with unique Contour Zipper™ design (patent number A00201001765) to bring out the contemporary look of this collection.