Known for its high quality mattresses, supreme support system, and intricate couture design, Serta® Celestial® Collection is the ultimate gateway into a night of perpetual comfort. Inspired by the legendary tale of the great Greek Goddess, Serta® Celestial® Collection has embraced the wisdom, strength and beauty of the Goddess into its legendary mattresses. Experience the heavenly bliss with the mattress worth of the Goddess, the Celestial® Collection, only from Serta®.

To create a wondrous mattress worthy for the Goddess requires the premium materials to elegantly complement its graceful appearance. Finely picked with the upmost delicacy, these materials not only stunning but enhance the overall level of comfort.

Panel Jacquard Yarn Dyed

This exclusive cratsmanship design is embedded to beautify and enhance the elegant appearance of the mattre

Evo Inner Spring®

The world's most elastic spring that follows your body's contour perfectly, Evo Inner Spring® uses three specialized contour zones and 25% more spring than any other spring system. Each specified zones supports you seamlessly from head to toe.


Be prepared to be amazed by the dazzling beauty of Athena™. Exclusively Hand-Crafted by highly skilled artisans. Equipped with cashmere, silk and natural wool materials that enhance the overall comfort, this exceptional mattress takes you to the realms of the Goddess. Perfection is all you will be expecting with the combination of ultimate support from the Evo Inner Spring® system and the beauty of vast panel jacguard yarn dyed and lavish lace design on top of this luxurious mattress. Experience the legendary comfort of Athena®, the ultimate gateway into blissful paradise.

Collection :   Celestial Collection
Feel :   Medium Firm
Available Sizes :   Queen
Super King
Mattress Thickness :   39 cm
Comfort Layer :   Outer Tufting, Vast Panel Jaquard Yarn Dyed, Cashmere, Pillow Top, Natural Wool, LatexTopper
Support Layer :   Smart Foam Guard, Evo Inner Spring®, Foam Encasement
Foundation Layer :   Semi Flex® Foundation
Foam Encasement
Hard foam that wraps around the spring edge of the mattress to provide:Stronger side/edges to sit on Prevents falling down while sleeping Expands the sleeping area
Semi Flex ® Foundation
A series of U-shape supports are welded to the spring's boarders wire and cross-support grid, then secured at the wooden (Canadian Pine) base. This unique construction prevents head-to-foot and side-to-side sway and prolongs the life-span of your Serta mattress.
From the exotic Kashmir goat in China and Tibet, cashmere has become one of the finest materials in the world. With light, soft, yet strong texture, it will give you an extraordinary sleeping comfort.
Latex Layer
Latex provides superior back support and outstanding pressure relief. This high quality material follows the body's contour perfectly and deliver instant indulgence for the body.

Smart Foam Guard
A wall of firm foam that intelligently embedded around the mattress to prevent roll-off feeling when you sleep at the edge thus enlarges the sleep area in the mattress.
Pillow Top
Comfort layer that provides the ultimate body pampering and exceptional support all through the night.
Outer Tuffting
This intricate technology allows for the mattress sophisticated design. Not only it beautifies the mattress but also gives superior comfort with its unique design.