Company Overview

Serta is one of the most recognised and trusted brand names among retailers and consumers in the furniture industry. Today, Serta is the second largest bedding manufacturer in the world. As the leading provider of mattresses in the hospitality industry, Serta partners with many prestigious hotel groups such as Hilton Hotels, Marriott, Ascott and Intercontinental Hotel Groups, and many more.

Throughout its history, Serta has been an industry pioneer. In 1931, an assembly of independent mattress manufacturers formed Guardian Knight, Sleeper Products, Inc. That year they created the industry's first mattress with no tufts, valleys or buttons, making their mattress significantly more comfortable than their competitors'.

In 1933, the company was renamed as Serta Sleeper Products. By 1937, a powerhouse was forming with 35 manufacturers and a reported $10 million in sales, 12% of the total industry sales. The name eventually evolved into Serta Inc. During the 1950's, Serta started to really form a strong presence in the advertising world. By the 1960's, Serta had over 39 plants and $70 million in sales. In the 1990's, sales topped $500 million. In the year 2000, Serta launched their ingenious counting sheep marketing campaign that landed them a Gold Effie and an Advertising Icon of the Year award.

Serta is a privately held company, owned by 6 licensees and represented by 23 manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and 4 in Canada. In addition, Serta is distributed internationally in 60 other countries. In 2012, Furniture Today, USA's leading Furniture business magazine, officially reported that Serta was the No.1 Mattress brand in the USA with sales in excess of USD$1 billion. This result was achieved through over 80 years of product innovation, research and development which is currently led by its Sleep Research Centre in Chicago, USA.

Serta exercises their social responsibility by focusing on their environmental responsibilities. Serta prides itself in only using environmentally friendly materials and effective waste and energy reduction measures in their mattress manufacturing process. The Serta World Headquarters in Hoffman Estates has actually received several awards for their environmentally conscious architecture with the entire building being designed to be as green as it could possibly be.

A multi- national franchise like Serta requires thousands of workers to keep it up and running. The administration, legislative and financial sectors are typically treated with the utmost importance in terms of the priorities of a business. However, so much of Serta's popularity can be attributed to its marketing ingenuity. Their reluctant mascots, the out of job counting sheep, have played a huge part in garnering consumer attention. These sheep solidified Serta as not just a mattress but a brand consumer's can trust to provide them with the best sleep experience ever, making it the No.1 mattress brand in the USA today.

Serta's signature counting sheep first appeared in the company's advertisements more than a decade ago. In hopes of retaining their jobs as sleep inducers to insomniacs, the sheep are constantly coming up with new, comical plans to bring down Serta, who is taking away their customers with their comfortable mattresses. Serta's advertisements have won multiple awards and the Serta Sheep have become so popular that Serta has begun marketing cuddly plush sheep dolls on their website.

Each sheep is identified with their own special numbers and character traits. Serta even has a page on their website with a character profile for each of their most popular sheep. Comical advertisements have proven successful time and time again. Also, Serta's marketing concept set them apart from the advertising tactics of their competitors. In addition, their advertisements intrigued multiple age groups, the older age groups admire the adverts' originality and humour while the children fall in love with the adorable, talking sheep.